Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I quote...

'Acting is about good characterization'

'The idea is to show more of character with a lesser touch of your own personality'

'When I came to serials my expectations were nil, because I was aware that my age fitted into the mother's slot'


Yash said...

Hi Mrs. Kulkarni,

I am watching Shevri and it is making me believe in Marathi cinema all over again. Thank you for making this movie.

I am extremely interested in movie making (although I do not have any experience in it) and would like to meet you (if only for a casual visit) when I come to India this summer. Please do accept my invitation for a short talk over lunch/dinner.

Thank you and please continue to drive Marathi cinema the way you have.

Yash Kadam

Appa Balwant said...

मी रमेश पटवर्धन ...
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मला ती खालील web page वर टाकायची आहे.

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